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Factory Bayan Sulu develops confectionery market in China

One of the largest Kazakhstan confectionery companies, founded back in the Kazakh SSR in 1974, Bayan Sulu JSC, is increasing its export supplies, developing not only the Eurasian Economic Community countries, but also entering the highly competitive markets of countries such as China.

Support of export operations of the company has "Development Bank of Kazakhstan", which actively encourages the Kazakh exporting non-oil products to enter new foreign markets.

The Chinese take all!

President of JSC "Bayan Sulu" Timur Sadykov said: "The Chinese market is replete with confectionery companies, the competition is very high. However, our products are in demand and the reason is that it is natural and of high quality.

Now the Chinese are buying the whole range of our products, making sure the demand for its market. Perhaps in the next years, we will put the emphasis on certain products from our range, of course a huge potential.

However, there are also "pitfalls" - such as differences in culture, mentality, which affect the Chinese consumer.

For example, the Chinese like everything associated with dragons, with the number nine happy for them and other such details. Today, we try to take into account all these subtleties of the Chinese people "

Output for export requires an increase in production capacity

Now JSC "Bayan Sulu" intensively increases capacities. Commissioned biscuit workshop, the design capacity which is 9,5 thousand. Tonnes.

The shop is equipped with automated equipment from Italy, Austria, Germany and Turkey.

New production lines can produce high-quality competitive confectionery products, mainly export-oriented.

At the same time the production cost is reduced through the use of energy-saving technologies with high performance.

"All the equipment is new biscuit plant runs on natural gas, which significantly reduces production costs. It is expected that the new workshop will operate 150 people, these employees will be highly qualified and will be able to effectively and efficiently manage modern equipment.

Thus, we achieve savings in labor, which lowers the cost of production and accordingly increases its competitiveness, ”said Timur Sadykov.

The new shop is planned to start production of new species for the Kazakhstan market saltine crackers, wafers and glazed sandwich biscuits.

Total plant will produce more than 50 confectionery items. In this case the current period at the factory already produce about 300 kinds of candy, jelly beans, candy, chocolate, marshmallows, cookies, waffles.

State support represented by DBK gave the company incentive

“Of course, exporting our company would have been difficult if we had not received state support.

In particular, from the Development Bank of Kazakhstan was allocated a loan with a reduced interest rate on the purchase of equipment, as part of the bank has been granted another loan for pre-export financing.

To date, the total production of the factory is 65 thousand tons per year, of which the third part or 30% is exported and the export volume grows not only in percentage, but also in physical terms.

This is the merit of the customs union and DBK credit, which positively influenced the sale of our products - 90% of our exports go to Russia and, moreover, now we have gone to China, ”adds Timur Sadykov.

It should be noted that this project was implemented with the financial support of a subsidiary of the holding "Baiterek" Development Bank of Kazakhstan in the framework of the new economic policy "Nurly Zhol" to support Kazakhstan's confectionery exports.

Preferential loan funds were used to purchase equipment, raw materials and packaging for subsequent production of finished products.

company Plans

"We can not complain, we have so many benefits from the state. When our foreign partners to hear what we have state support benefits, they are very surprised.

I will list, we have the compensation by the Ministry of Agriculture for the purchase of equipment in the area of ​​30%, concessional lending by 6% per annum, etc.

It should be added that the number of jobs in the company of 2 thousand people, including 68 new jobs have been created since the beginning of the year 2016.

With regard to the company's plans, Timur Sadykov said that he would continue to develop new biscuit plant and upgrade old equipment and to establish a new production.

“In general, depreciation of equipment in our factory is less than 30%, although the factory was established in 1974. However, at the same time, the growth of the company in physical terms amounted to 136% over the 9 months, ”adds Timur Sadykov.

Before 70% of which will be supplied to the domestic market, the rest of 30% are exported. In total, the share of "Bayan Sulu" today has to 12% of Kazakhstan's confectionery market.

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