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Factory Red Pishchevik introduced products new brand Exhibition

Trademark marshmallow "Exhibition" confectionery factory "Red pischevik"includes completely new flavors - apple and strawberry, as well as traditional - vanilla, white-pink, creme brulee, creamy, raspberry and cranberry. A sweet airy novelty made from natural ingredients has already gone on sale and delighted customers with the “same” taste.

The basis of the concept of developing a new trademark “Exhibition” is Soviet time, the history of the factory, the history of the development and establishment of production. After all, the memory of those who stood at the origins of generation are people of the highest nobility and high aspirations, people devoted to their work. Fidelity to many years of tradition of product quality remains to this day. The confectionery products produced at the factory are made according to the classical technology using natural raw materials, which is why they have excellent taste and consumer recognition in many countries around the world since the days of the USSR.

Packaging TM "Exhibition" is made in an elegant and concise design using delicate beige shades in the style of the Soviet era with the image of one of the many architectural masterpieces of VDNH - Exhibition Achievements of the National Economy. And this is no coincidence. JSC "Red Food Worker" more than once took part in a significant event of the Soviet era, where he was repeatedly awarded high awards. The path to rewards is not easy and thorny, and only one who has a clear and definite goal in front of him can achieve recognition.

Indeed the name TM "Exhibition" corresponds to the product. The only difference is that today we can safely buy a treat in the trade network, and not just be seen in beautiful exhibition halls!

Zephyr is very useful, above all, due to the content of pectin. This is the substance through which so many useful fruits and vegetables, due to which there is cleansing the body of harmful substances, has beneficial effects on blood circulation, stimulates the removal of cholesterol. As part of the apple pectin marshmallow became even more (in apples it is initially in a decent amount).

The factory of "Red pischevik" working mainly women, and all the heat, all the kindness given to female hand our products, so they turn out to be delicious, useful, air and bring to every home only joy and good humor.

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