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Factory lost limbs: what's going on Nevsky Confectioner Moksha?

First Penza Portal tried to contact representatives of the factory, however, and at the branch in Moksha, and in St. Petersburg edition has received a sharp rejection of any comments.

There are a lot of questions for confectioners, both among journalists 1pnz and other publications.

Gathering them together, we made a request to the Nevsky Confectioner, first calling on the phone. But, in the end, they received a sharp rejection. Although the intentions of the journalists were quite logical - in the materials about two cases of injuries in the factory no one ever stated the point of view of the representatives or the management of the Nevsky Confectioner. Such a reaction raises more questions from journalists. Perhaps the factory really has something to hide?

Let us recall the issues that at the end of last week were raised by journalists from various publications and I would like to receive a comment about which.

As reported in a number of publications, employees of the Nevsky Konditer enterprise complain of systematic safety violations.

Already two employees of the confectionery factory were injured in the workplace. The young girl remained without a hand after trying to push the stuck caramel mass into the machine. Another worker was hospitalized with similar injuries. It turned out to be a 23-year-old locksmith. The young man assures that there is no guilt in the incident and that what happened is just an accident.

However, the relatives of the injured girl consider that her signature in the safety journal has been forged. In addition, the publication "Penza-Vzglyad" talked with employees of the company.

“Everything is on the wires, on the ropes, on the twine ... Saying“ old ”about the equipment is not the right word. You should see how everyone walks here - slanting, crooked, someone has no fingers. My hair was more than once tightened. The 21st century is coming, and we have everything on the strings. A nightmare, of course, ”said an employee of the enterprise.

In addition, the interlocutor of the publication said that factory workers do not even know their labor protection inspector.

Perhaps the reaction to journalists' questions is logical from the side of the Nevsky Pastry Chef. Recently, one of the representatives of Rospotrebnadzor told the media that if during the inspection the specified violations were found at the enterprise, the Penza branch may be closed. Therefore, the company's management could well have taken a defensive position, or, on the contrary, it should be understood that nothing can be fixed.

Currently, the editorial board of the First Penza Portal has prepared a written question for the management of the factory.

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