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Finland: strong beer will appear in prodmagazinah

In Finland, strong beer appears on the shelves of grocery stores. The coalition party and the True Finns were in favor of this proposal, but the representatives of the Center were against, reports Yle.

According to the centrists, the sale of beer in food stores would increase the total amount of alcohol consumption among the Finns.

On Thursday, the parliamentary faction of the Center, however, changed its mind. This means that government parties agree on this issue, and beer with a strength up to 5,5 degrees will most likely be sold in simple stores from the beginning of next year. The innovation also applies to cider and Finnish longon lonkero.

Time limiting the sale of alcohol will remain the same.

Now beer with a fortress above 4,7 degrees is sold only in alcohol shops Alko. Representatives of Alko stores are unhappy with the government’s decision, since allowing the sale of strong beer in grocery stores will negatively affect Alko’s profits. As part of the new alcohol policy of the government, Alko stores will be able to work for an hour longer until the 21 hour.

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