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Finnish gastronomic startup goes to Sweden

Gastronomic startup ResQ Club, which started its activities in January of this year, expands and opens branches in Sweden. ResQ Club is committed to helping institutions catering at competitive prices to sell customers a la carte meals, shelf life which comes to an end.

Reducing food waste - this is one of the EU's objectives, as overproduction in the food industry a negative impact on the climate and the environment.

Total 4 months ago opened the service ResQ Club has gathered throughout Finland over 17 000 150 customers and partners, whose products circulate service.

Using the service, customers can buy products and ready-made portions with outgoing shelf life, prepared in restaurants, hotels, bakeries and cafes at competitive prices. Discount on all products is provided in the amount of 40-70%. Purchases are paid through the service, after which they can be picked up at a restaurant or cafe. The mobile application is valid on the operating systems iOS ja Android.

Startup ResQ Club managed to launch its service thanks to a loan in 25 000 euro. Now the company has collected more than 400 000 euro investments and is going to expand its activities and open branches in Sweden, Gothenburg and Malmö.

"As a former chef, I was forced to throw in the trash a huge amount of good food"

One of the company's board members, Alexander Lindgren, in the past worked as a cook himself and was the owner of a cafe. According to him, the loss in the cafe was about 10-25%.

"This is a very effective, yet underestimated way to improve the efficiency of work in this area," says Lindgren. - Being a chef, I had to throw a lot of completely edible food into garbage. Now we have the opportunity to help both restaurateurs and clients, in this situation there are no losers.

According to a study published by the Luke Natural Resources Center, in Finland, about 75-85 million kilograms of products are dumped annually. Most of them are waste of canteens and fast food restaurants.

The startup is currently in Helsinki employs 8 people full-time and four - on incomplete. Also in other cities and countries are working 4 representative of the company, reports Yle.

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