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Finnish HKScan conducts personnel top cleaning

Finnish meat industry concern HKScan reported that because of the serious and systematic violations of the cease labor contracts with four Estonian leaders, informs DELFI.

14 November concern HKScan started an internal investigation of commercial activities of its business units in the Baltic States, in the course of which was required to ensure that the regions of the Baltic commercial respectable follow management principles and adhere to corporate standards of conduct HKScan.

Part of leadership HKScan Baltikum was during the investigation available to perform working obligations during the period of activity of HKScan Baltikum was responsible marketing director Anne Mere concern.

The investigation confirmed that a number of members of the management of HKScan Baltikum systematically committed serious violations, contrary to the corporate standards of conduct of HKScan and good governance principles. In this regard, HKScan has completed working contracts (or membership contracts) with the head of HKScan Baltikum, Teeth Soorm, the director of the pig division Mati Tuvi, the director of the poultry division Lauri Kallikorm and the technical director of the pig division Hindrek Schmidt. In addition, a number of employees of HKScan received warnings in connection with the misuse of the property of the enterprise.

In the course of the internal investigation, it was clarified that the above-mentioned employees of AS HKScan Estonia purchased products and services from enterprises owned by themselves or related parties. The total amount of these supply contracts from 2013 to 2016 was about 28 million euros. The investigation revealed that under the terms of the supply contracts between HKScan and the suppliers there is a clear conflict of interest in which the proper exchange enterprise and the principles of transparency required by HKScan are not observed. These suppliers were associated with pigs and poultry, feed production or other services such as transportation services and maintenance work closely related to HKScan's core business.

According to the norms of corporate behavior HKScan, employees must avoid situations that may lead to a conflict of interest between HKScan and employee or another party, their relatives, or they are led enterprises.

"Despite the fact that it is an unpleasant situation, it is very good that we conducted an internal investigation and found violations. It is imperative that all members of the management and employees of HKScan follow corporate standards of conduct and adhere to good governance principles in their daily work, "said HKScan executive director Jari Latvanen. "We can only move on and focus on the future. I want to emphasize that the Baltic region is for us one of the most important home markets, we have professional staff here, with whom we will continue to build our business with firmness, and on a more solid foundation than before. "

HKScan is a leading expert in the field of meat in the Nordic countries, which produces, sells and sells high-quality and responsibly produced pork, beef, poultry and lamb, processed meats and ready-made products under strong brands. HKScan's clients include the retail sector, industry, supply and export and home markets - Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic States. HKScan exports its products to almost 50 States. Net turnover in HKScan 2015 1,9 year amounted to a billion euros, the company employs approximately 7 400 people.

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