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FishBode grow shrimp for Finland and Russia

The company growing FishBode shrimp (brand Mere Shrimp Farms) plans to invest more than 2 million euros in the production of construction for the cultivation of Pacific shrimp and equipment, he told LETA board member of the Company Maris Hmelnitskis.

The investment project is a two-stage in 2017-2018 years. The company plans to increase production of shrimp to 100 tons per year.

Two years ago, Crystal Serviss Ltd. opened a pilot production in Riga. In the past year, together with Ziedi-2 biogas producer was established and other enterprises FishBode, which took over the business of breeding shrimp and transferred production from Riga in the vicinity of Dobele.

Khmelnitskis said that now half of the FishBode products are sold in Latvia, and the rest in Finland, where the company has one client. After expansion, the company plans to start exporting to Scandinavia, where expensive and environmentally friendly products are in demand. Another market can be Russia.

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