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Food Union lowers prices for products Limbazu piens

In connection with the ongoing crisis in the dairy sector, where the overproduction of milk in Latvia has reached record volumes and purchase prices continue to decline, the leading Latvian milk processing plants Food Union reintroduces widespread discounts on all products Limbažu piens, to continue to purchase local fresh milk in the previous volumes, informed BC consultant on public relations Food Union Mezhgayle Linda.

With milk and yogurt in Limbažu piens liter package will be sold at 1 May 30 June this year a recommended price - 0,65 euros, and cottage cheese and sour cream Limbažu piens - 0,69 euros.

"The crisis does not end, in which everyone can be convinced at the store shelves. If two years ago a liter of milk was worth close to 1 euros, last year 0,80 euros, then today milk is already worth 0,65 euro. This is not good for the dairy industry, but it's good for customers. Therefore, we are again looking for ways to satisfy customers' desires at attractive prices, while simultaneously increasing milk consumption and turning it into direct support for farmers, "said Normunds Stanevich, Chairman of the Board of AO Rīgas piena kombināts (Food Union group). - Limbažu piens has long been the most purchased brand, the leader in the ratio of price and quality. Multilateral loyalty of buyers to Limbažu piens will help almost 400 peasants of Latvia overcome the crisis. The support mechanics are simple - the more Limbažu piens products will be bought, the longer we will be able to purchase fresh milk from local peasants and continue to pay them a purchase price higher than the national average. "

Reduced prices apply to all products Limbažu piens - milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream. Products with discounts appear in all Latvian shops in May and June, in most stores, they will be highlighted in yellow price tags.

"Seeing that the dairy crisis is delayed, Food Union adopted a series of emergency measures to increase the efficiency of processing. We 40% to reduce the cost of warehousing, to 25% - logistics costs in the delivery of milk and to 20% - logistics costs of finished products. Improve its performance in the past year we have saved 3 million euros, including 2 million directed at maintaining competitive prices for milk. Due to this even today we are able to pay farmers to 5% more than the average for the country ", - said N. Stanevich.

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