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France requires equal treatment in TTIP

Negotiations to establish a Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TTIP) between the European Union and the United States can be thwarted. On Tuesday, May 3, the radio station Europe 1 said State Secretary of Foreign Trade of France, Matthias Thekla.

According to him, "such a scenario is most likely today because of the US position." Europe and the United States are not on an equal footing, he said. "Europe is a lot of offers, but gets very little in return. And this is unacceptable, "- said Thekla. He also said in the broadcast that "Paris has insisted that the negotiations have been suspended."

In its current form France can not agree on the document, said the Secretary of State and listed the conditions in which "a common language with Washington can be found." "We want our small and medium enterprises had access to the American market. We also want to protect our agriculture, our producers, "- said Thekla.

May 2 environmental organization Greenpeace released through the German media secret documents about the negotiations on a transatlantic partnership agreement in the field of trade and investment (TTIP) between the EU and the US. From the published documents, in particular, it indicated that the US threatened to complicate EU exports of cars, unless the EU will review its tariffs on American exports selskohozproduktsii. Furthermore, according to the dossier, the US sought lifting of the ban in the EU on imports of genetically modified foods.

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