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Globus is not against the neighborhood with "Auchan"

Co-owner of "Belaya dacha", an American developer Hines, sold the German hypermarket chain Globus land near Outlet Village «Belaya Dacha" in Kotelniki. The transaction took place, despite the presence of "Auchan" in the shopping center Mega "Belaya Dacha", told RNS two real estate consultant.

The acquired land is located near the transport interchange at the intersection of Highway Novoegorevskogo and Novoryazanskoe.

One of the interlocutors RNS noted that traditionally Globus buys plots just over 1 hectares. "In this case, Globus sees no obstacles for business development, in spite of the presence of" Auchan "in the shopping center Mega" Belaya Dacha "about Moscow", - he stressed.

At the time of publication in the press service of the Globus did not respond to a request RNS.

Globus - international network of hypermarkets, stores which are represented in Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia. In Russia today, the retailer 11 hypermarkets - in several cities of Moscow and Tula, Ryazan, Vladimir and others.

In June, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of "Belaya Dacha" Viktor Semyonov told reporters that the holding company will invest $ 1 billion in the construction of the business center and the residential complex "Belaya Dacha Park" near "MEGA Belaya Dacha" shopping center in the suburbs. The total project area is about 700-800 thousand sq. M. meters, including 300 thousand sq. m. meters of housing. Then Semenov said that along the transport interchange will be built commercial facilities, shops and shopping center may appear retailer Globus.

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