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State Statistics Service of Ukraine did not record a beer imports from the Russian Federation

Natalya Mikolskaya, Ukraine's sales representative, said that according to official data from the State Statistics Service, in the six months 2016 of the year, beer imports from malt from the Russian Federation were not made, reports RIA Novosti Ukraine.

Official statistics did not record beer imports from Russia in the six months of this year.

“According to official data from the State Statistics Service, in six months 2016, no beer was imported from the Russian Federation,” Mikolskaya told the agency.

The newspaper Kommersant on Tuesday reported that beer exports from the Russian Federation to Ukraine increased more than 3 times - from 1,86 million to 6,06 million gave, despite the embargo, Ukraine accounted for more than 60% in the structure of Russian beer exports in the first half of the year. According to the Central Excise Customs, in the first half of the year beer exports to Ukraine grew to 324,1 thousand dals of beer from 262,7 thousand dals for the same period last year. The Center for Research of the Federal and Regional Alcohol Markets (CIFRRA) also recorded an increase in beer exports to Ukraine.

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