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Georgian wines are gaining ground in markets

Russia became the largest importer of Georgian wines in January-April 2016, the national wine agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia reports.

During this period, Georgia exported 5,93 million bottles of wine (4,45 million liters) to Russia, which is 8,4% more than in the same period last year, the report says.

The top five importers also included Ukraine (1,49 million bottles), Kazakhstan (1,28 million bottles), China (779,4 thousand bottles) and Poland (682,5 thousand bottles). Growth in wine exports to Ukraine in annual terms amounted to 70%, to China - 58%, the report says.

In general, wine exports from Georgia in the first four months of the year 2016 increased by 45% - to 11,58 million bottles (8,69 million liters).

Also during this period, Georgia increased its brandy export in annual terms by 86% - to 2,8 million bottles (1,4 million liters).

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