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Gutta will take juice production in Estonia in 2017

Gutta enterprises included in the group Orkla Foods Latvija, plans to completely move production of juices in Estonia before the end of the first quarter of the year 2017, but as a result of reorganization of the people will not be fired, told LETA Marketing Director Orkla Foods Latvija Dana Ercina-Uzhanov.

She recalled that in order to concentrate the work on product categories from Estonia to Latvia translated mayonnaise production and salad dressings, and to the Lithuanian plant at Orkla Foods Latvija - production of mustard, mayonnaise, tomato sauce for Lithuania. In turn, the production of juices moves to a specialized company in Estonia. At present the plant is planned to continue to produce Valdlauchi Everest drinking water ", Riga kvass drink and other products.

In the second half of the year in Estonia postponed the production of juices and nectars in liter and 0,2-liter package.

As a result of the reorganization and specialization of factories Orkla Foods Latvija volume production in Latvia increased, said Ercina-Uzhanov. She argues that the transfer of production does not entail the dismissal as a reduction in the number of employees in Valdlauchi increasing their number on Spilve.

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