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Havana Club is counting on China and the US market

Cuban brand Havana Club intends to increase its sales in China and other Asian countries, he said in an interview with the Chinese news agency "Xinhua" the head of the company Havana Club International, Jerome Kottin-Bison.

“We have good business prospects in Asia, especially in China. Now we do not sell as much as we would like, but we hope to increase sales and the number of markets, ”he said. Cotin-Bison believes that the Havana Club brand can become a top-end rum brand in China.

According to him, the company is actively working to expand its presence in China. “Cocktail culture in China is not very developed, but we have seen a boom in the creation of bars in cities like Shanghai and Beijing, which could lead to an expansion of the presence of our brands,” says Cottin-Bison.

Another objective of the company - access to the US market, which is still in force an embargo on Cuban products.

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