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"IDAVANG" lost profits

The proceeds of the Idavang cattle-breeding holding, which operates in Russia and Lithuania, decreased last year by 20,9% to 91,2 million euro, profit fell 3 times to 5,9 million euro, the company's annual report says.

In 2014, the holding's revenues increased by 12% to 115,3 million euros, profit increased 10 18,8 times to RUB million.

Idavangu, 20% owned by IFC, belongs to 12 pig farms in Lithuania and two in Russia. The holding names itself the largest pig-breeding enterprise in Lithuania, in Russia it is included in the top 20 pork producers. The diversification of markets allows it to be more stable to geopolitical volatility, the report says. In Lithuania, pork prices declined, but rose in Russia due to the low level of market saturation, said deputy chairman of the board of directors Jytta Roseman (her quote is given in the report). Idawang also sees significant risks in the exchange rate of the ruble against the euro, whose fluctuations depend on oil prices, political situation and embargo.

Each year, Idavang supplies approximately 800 000 pigs to the market, of which 500 000 pcs. grown in Lithuania. About 60% of this herd is sold on the local market, and the rest is exported to EU countries. In Russia, OOO Idavang Agro has livestock farms in the Tosno district of the Leningrad region and the Ostrovsky district of the Pskov region, where 300 000 pigs are grown there. Over 2014, these two complexes implemented 34 175 t pork in the North-West, follows from the materials of the company.

"IDAVANG" building the third set to 98 000 pigs in the Luga district, Leningrad region. The company was in talks with the Agricultural Bank for a loan of 2,6 billion rubles. for this project, previously told the bank representative. In December 2015 of Raiffeisen Bank opened two credit lines holding: with a limit of RUB 700 million. - For two years and 791 million rubles. - For four years.

According to SPARK-Interfax, Idavang Agro belongs to the Danish Ruric A / C (96,62% of shares) and Lithuanian Idavang UAB (3,08%). The company's revenue for 2014 amounted to 2,09 billion rubles, profit - 529 million rubles.

The average price of live pigs rose in the 2015 5,7, at the 99% to RUB. for 1 kg, it should be of "Rusagro" annual report. The average price of pork "Cherkizovo" has grown over the past year on the 3,5 99,57% to RUB. for 1 kg, according to the company's annual report. In the IV quarter of 2015, prices fell sharply to 85,39 rubles. for 1 kg compared with 107,4 rubles. for 1 kg in the III quarter, this was due to seasonal factors, as well as a decrease in real consumer income, writes "Cherkizovo". According to "Rusagro" Russian pork producers satisfy 90% of the country's needs.

The average price for pork in the North-West in 2015 amounted to 153 rub. For 1 kg, during the year there were minor fluctuations, said the president and co-owner of the group "Pulkovski" Ivan Kara. In his company, the cost of production of pork - 170 rub. For 1 kg, the selling price does not rise due to reduced consumption, he says. Devaluation puts pressure on producers, the cost of pork in stores for 2015 increased by 10-15%, but also prices for feed, fuel, etc., says CEO of Svir-agro LLC Alexei Saratov. According to him, in the pig-breeding business, profitability is about 10% on net profit. According to the European Commission, the price for a piglet in 2015 fell by 17,5% to 37,61 euro.

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