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Inkerman International saw its sales in Russia

The largest producer in the Crimea dry wines Swedish company Inkerman International AB in the first quarter of the year 2016 increased volume of sales compared to the previous year 18% and plans to sell up to 20 million bottles per year, according to "RIA Novosti" CEO Alexei sticky.

"Our sales volumes grew in the first quarter plus 18%. At the end of the year we plan to sell bottles 15% greater, or about 20 million bottles. Buyers - Russian mainland, excellent products sold in the Crimea ", - Sticky said.

He said that the plant's products are now bought well in remote regions of Russia, in Siberia and the Far East. He noted that in Russia is better to buy sweet wines, but gradually the demand for dry wines - the main products of the plant. This year the company intends to lay 200 hectares of vineyards, more than double last year's planting. Sticky noted that there was significant state aid.

The company makes extensive use of tourism potential. "We are opening a series of wine tasting evenings, coupled with the musical art forms, which in our view are combined in the wine as a cultural phenomenon. It is a tourist and cultural product ", - he said sticky.

Tasting evening, accompanied by musical numbers Dixieland in wine galleries of Inkerman (a suburb of Sevastopol with the galleries, where the wine cellars of one of the sites of the company) will be held twice a month. Visitors can enjoy six new dry wines winemakers line "Heritage" of the plant.

Inkerman International AB - International Wine Holding, with headquarters in Stockholm, which included "Inkerman vintage wines", LLC "Kaczynski +" (Sevastopol), PJSC "Agricultural company" Chernomorets "(Bakhchisarai district, Crimea). In the Crimea and Sevastopol, the company merged into the group of companies "Inkerman". TM INKERMAN wines in its history received 15 Cup Grand Prix, gold 157, 56 13 silver and bronze medals at international competitions.

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