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Foreigners are allowed to Russian Fish Exchange

Non-resident companies receive a permit to work through the Russian fish market - a joint project of the Sakhalin Region and the Savings Bank, according to RNS governor Oleg Kozhemyako.

"With the new year we start the operator Fish Exchange.

We changed the design to non-residents could work through this platform. Previously, the lack of tolerance of non-residents has been a deterrent. But we have gone from him. 2017 pollock fishing season of the year will pass through the exchange operator. Through it will work, China, Japan and Korea. We also plan to conduct auctions for eggs at this site, "- he explained.

According to the governor, the project moved into the second phase - the capitalization of the company. "Its capital will amount to 600 million rubles, investments involve parity scheme with Sberbank, perhaps even a large proportion will be in our region and partner investors", - he said.

Co-investors of the project was the exchange of fish fishing enterprises in the region and the port of Korsakov. "They have decided to participate in the capital, we are now making a business plan," - said Kozhemyako, adding that since January, will begin construction of a logistics center.

3 September 2015, in frames WEF-2015 Savings Bank and the Government of the Sakhalin Oblast signed a plan of cooperation for the implementation of the project Fish Exchange.

It is planned that the fish market will be set up in three phases. The first phase involves the launch of a pilot fish auction trading on Sakhalin. According to the plans, 50% of the catch of fish should be sold through auction. The second phase began in 2016 year and is to implement an electronic platform through more than 20% of potential market volume. The third stage, when it will be put into operation the whole industrial cluster at the seaport of Korsakov, finished in 2020 year.

The purpose of the Fish Exchange - increased to 90% of domestic fish production in the domestic market and to increase by no less than 25% revenue from fish exports. The project should provide import substitution to 90 2018% to the year.

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