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Iskander Makhmudov bestow competitor "White Dacha"

"UGMK-Agro" will invest about 5,5 billion rubles. in the second place of the greenhouse complex in the village. Garden of Ekaterinburg for the production of vegetables and herbs, said CEO Ilya Bondarev.

The area of ​​the greenhouses, he said, will be 17,6 hectares, including 3 hectares for the production of green.

At full capacity, the second stage of the greenhouse complex will be released at the end of 2017, said a company spokesman.

"UGMK-Agro" was established in October 2001, the asset management of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company in the agriculture and food industry. Its membership also includes Verkhnyaya dairy plant except the greenhouse complex, which produces dairy products under the brand name "Wow!". The company also intends to invest RUR 290 million. in the production of cream cheese from goat's milk cheeses. Revenue "UGMK-Agro" in 2015 1,16 totaled bln. (+ 10% yoy), net loss - 28,5 million rubles. against 13,1 million rubles. a year earlier, according to the "SPARK-Interfax".

"UGMK-Agro" has already invested around RUB 300 million. in the launch of the energy center that will provide cheap electricity to the second stage of the economy, said Bondarev. Launch of the new complex will "UGMK-Agro" to increase the production of vegetables in 2,6 times - from the current 5500 14 500 tons to tons of tomatoes and cucumbers, Bondarev said.

In addition, the company will grow annually 1280 t greenery - leaf salads, rukola, basil, dill, parsley, etc., clarified its representative. In this case, the service area of ​​greenhouses will be equipped for grinding greens and producing salad mixtures in the package, he added. "Now, unfortunately, there is no fresh greens of normal quality and assortment. We plan to compete with the "White dacha", - explained the choice of the company Bondarev. First of all, UMMC-agro intends to sell its products in the Sverdlovsk region, where so far, according to its representative, no one produces green culture.

Viktor Semenov's White Cottage is the largest producer of packaged salads and greens: according to own information, 22 000 annually produces packaged salads and vegetables at factories in the Moscow region of Kotelniki and in the special economic zone "Alabuga" in Tatarstan. The company independently produces up to 30% of salad products, the rest under its direction and control grows farmers, reminds its representative. In 2016, the White Dacha doubled the parameters of the greenhouse complex under construction in Kislovodsk, up to 7 ha, which is scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2017: leaf salads and tomatoes will be grown here year-round. This year in the Yaroslavl region, where the "White Dacha" has 500 hectares of land near the lake Nero, a new enterprise has been created that has already supplied 800 t iceberg salad, a representative of the "White Dacha" recalled.

In 2015, Russian greenhouse production in greenhouses increased by almost a quarter to 11 000 t, according to the Fruit and Vegetable Union of Russia, the forecast for this year is 13 000 tons. That is, UMMC-Agro intends to grow about 10% of all Russian greenhouse greens, The executive director of the Fruit and Vegetable Union of Russia Mikhail Glushkov has estimated. In his opinion, it will be difficult to compete with the "White Cottage" company: "White Cottage" - above all a brand, she taught consumers to her packaged salads for many years. " In addition, UMMC-agro still have to learn how to work with such perishable goods as greens, setting up sales, adds Glushkov.

In a crisis, the market is saturated enough, but he is young and developing, said Semyonov. "Belaya Dacha" welcomes a new player - it means that we are moving in the right direction ", - said Semyonov" Vedomosti ".

15-20% of the profitability of the greenhouse business in growing herbs, fruit and vegetable according to the Union of Russia.

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