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Study: Over five years, sales of chewing marmalade in Russia grew by 58%

According to "Analysis of chewing marmalade Market in Russia" preparedBusinesStat in 2016, from 2011 to 2015. its sales increased by 58,1% - from 23,3 thousand tons in 2011 to 36,8 thousand

into 2015 year. Sales growth contributed to an active advertising chewing marmalade as a product intended for baby food. Significant impact on the increase in sales has also had the development of supermarket chains across the country.

In 2015, the growth in demand for chewing marmalade slowed, which was due to a decrease in the purchasing power of the population due to the crisis changes in the Russian economy. Since chewing marmalade is not a basic commodity, potential consumers were forced to abandon it for the sake of saving money and buying more necessary types of food. At the same time, the demand for chewing marmalade did not fall, which was due to the relatively low price of this type of sugar confectionery, making it attractive in the eyes of buyers compared with sweets of a higher price segment.

It should be noted that during 2011-2015 years. in the Russian market of chewing marmalade was clearly marked trend of substitution of imported products domestic: in 2011, the share of imports in total supply was 43,9%, in 2015, the figure dropped to 25,9%.

It is expected that in the next five years, sales of chewing marmalade will grow annually by 0,8-6,1% and amount to thousands 44,3. 2020 tons per year. The growth in demand for chewing marmalade will contribute to the further expansion of the range from manufacturers and intensification of marketing activities to promote the product.

These values ​​were calculated by analysts BusinesStat on the basis of statistics from Rosstat and FCS.

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