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Researchers have turned water into wine

In the Middle Ages for this they would have burned at the stake, as the alchemists would be considered geniuses. American startup Ava Winery announced the successful completion of the transformation of water into wine experiment.

It turns out that by combining in certain proportions and conditions of ethanol, water and aromatics, noble beverage can be obtained in just 15 minutes.

Creators Project Mardon Chua (Mardonn Chua) and Lee Alec (Alec Lee) came upon the idea of ​​a bottle of Chateau Montelena - a famous California wine, which created a furor in the tasting in Paris in 1976 year.

"My eyes were glued to the image of the bottles on the wall. I could not afford to buy such expensive wine, I could not enjoy it. It made me think, "- says Chua.

As a result, Chua started experimenting with fruit flavors and flavor additives (for example, in the course went ethylhexanoate, which has the flavor of pineapple) and tried to recreate the aromatic profiles of expensive wine.

At the same time the founders of a startup born from this idea, not at all embarrassed by the fact that the aroma and taste of this wine are determined exclusively by grape variety, as well as one or another technique of winemakers.

Among the scientific instruments that are used in Ava Winery - gas chromatography (the method of separation of volatile components) and mass spectrometry for identification of aromatic compounds.

Artificial mixtures are mixed with ethanol to obtain the required level of alcohol content.

Winemakers, the researchers did not hide the fact that the result after the first attempt was a "monstrous stryapnёy". It took them six months to finalize its first wine, and ultimately make an experimental synthetic drink that mimics the taste of white Italian sparkling Moscato d'Asti.

Now Chua and Lee plan to take up the champagne and wine are already working on, which simulates Dom Perignon. It will be presented in end 2016 year.

Note that on the labels of bottles with a synthetic drink is hardly the word appears "wine". There are strict rules governing the use of the term. For example, in the EU "wine" may be referred to only drink from fermented grape juice, and in the US "wine" may be a fruit.

We add that this is not the first experiment the scientists of wine. At the beginning of the year 2014 "Vesti.Nauka" talked about "Miracle Machine", which for three days will create a noble drink of water, grape concentrate, yeast and ingredients to make the "age" of flavor. A few days ago Kuvée company has developed a gadget that retains the taste and aroma of wine for a month after the unsealing of the bottle, preventing the beverage from the harmful effects of air and sunlight.

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