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Italy: of stealing sausages because of "hunger" no crime

In Italy, a Ukrainian caught shoplifting. A man named Roman Ostryakov tried to take away from the trading floor two pieces of cheese and a packet of sausages, but was caught by security.

The Court, however, showed humanity to an alien who has faced "insurmountable hunger and destitution".

It is worth noting that the incident occurred in Genoa back in 2011 year. Then the Ukrainians, stole products worth just over 4 euros, was sentenced to six months in prison and a fine of hundreds of euros. However, this decision has been appealed. Defence insisted that the man did not have time to make the theft of the supermarket, so it can not be considered a thief.

As a result, the highest court justified Ostryakova, ruling that the convicted person "would not have survived without food and acted out of extreme poverty." To reach this conclusion, the Italian judicial system took a long time. The case considered the trial court, then filed the appeal and cassation complaints, write "News" referring to the message The Local.

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