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Italian cheesemakers believed in Russia

In the near future Russia will start 30 agro-industrial projects for the production of Italian cheese, butter and other dairy products. Relevant negotiations with the Italian authorities and entrepreneurs, spoke on Friday, April 29, "Kommersant" in the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

It is expected that European investors, or open their shops or run lines on the basis of Russian plants.

The former director of the Department of Livestock Ministry of Agriculture of Russia Vladimir Labinov explained so far is the only way for the Italians to enter the Russian market. "It can be a joint management of the process, that is, the organization of production under the supervision of specialists, supply of equipment on credit, making investments", - he said.

Chairman of the Board of the organization "Soyuzmoloko" Andrei Danilenko believes that Italian cheeses produced in Russia, will be high quality, but cheaper than European. "Now there is an understanding that sanctions for a long time, and still there was the exchange rate difference, ie the change of the ruble against the currency in general has made the whole of our production is more competitive compared with foreign" - said "Kommersant the FM" Danilenko.

He also said that Italian companies "are already beginning to manufacture the type of parmesan cheese."

Russian factories began to produce Italian cheese still 2014 year. The most popular variety - mozzarella. It is produced in the Tyumen and Sverdlovsk regions, as well as in the Far East. Russian cheesemakers use European equipment and invited the Italian technology. However, the quality of domestic mozzarella is still very low, said the expert of the dairy market Tatiana Rybalova.

One problem, according to her, is the quality of the milk from which the mozzarella in Russia. "Cheesemakers goes, as a rule, lower milk quality. Extra Class is too expensive, and cheeses are too expensive ", - said Rybalova.

In response to the EU sanctions, the United States and joined by countries Russia imposed in August 2014, the food embargo, banning the import of certain types of products. In late June, 2015-th Moscow extended the embargo for a year.

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