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Famous brand children's water did not pass the examination

Consumers Union "Roskontrol" conducted examination the five most popular brands of children's water to identify mercury in samples of microbes and chloroform. This is stated in a press release the organization, Received "tapes.

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Previous inspection took place in 2014 year, then two samples of the seven have successfully passed the examination. Repeated studies have shown that in two years the situation has changed for the worse, the report said.

This year's participants were selected last examination - "Frutonyanya", "Agusha", "Enchanted forest", "Winnie" - and not tested before the water Nutrilak aqua. Three of the five test participants found mercury. Exceeding this point in comparison with the standard for the highest category of water (even with errors) detected in brands "Winnie", "Frutonyanya" and Nutrilak aqua.

The number of microbes in the water "Fairy Forest" exceeds the limit in 100 time indicated in the "Roskontrole". Sample broke his own record two years ago, when bacteria in the water was 2,5 times more than the norm. "Do not be called safe and Nutrilak aqua, in which the total bacterial count exceeded the maximum of 18 time", - said in a release.

Two examination participant - "Winnie" and Nutrilak aqua - bottled at the same factory and have for the most part, similar violations. The content of chloroform having both toxicity and possible carcinogenic activity, these samples 2 times exceeds the permissible value.

The amount of minerals in the water is highly regulated child supervisors, as they are essential for the full development of the child. But the water "Agusha" fluoride is more than three times less than needed, according to the results of the examination. Two years ago, the amount of fluoride in the water complies with all norms.

"The level of security and quality sold on the market is unstable products, this once again confirms the results of the examination of children's water, in which the participants are well-established two years ago, when the next check were in the black list" - are contained in the release words of the director of the expert department of "Roskontrolya" Maxim Rudakov. In his opinion, an effective solution to the problem could be the introduction of the practice of an independent quality control system in the form of regular checks of samples of products from store shelves.

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