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Japan: Consumer speed onigiri choked and died

In Japan, the participant eating onigiri (the national dish of rice freshwater, sleplennogo in the form of a triangle or a sphere) choked and died. On Wednesday, November 23, wrote The Japan Times.

28-year-old man from the settlement of Kora (Shiga Prefecture) was taken to hospital 13 November - the day of the match. Three days later he passed away, reports

In 15 the contestants had three minutes for something to eat five onigiri. The event was part of a campaign to promote local agricultural products, in particular, a certain brand of rice.

The man fell, when put in the mouth in five rice ball. He tried to help on the spot, but in the end an ambulance took him to the clinic.

The Japan Times notes that the eating contest anything to speed often held in various regional fairs. They are held to promote local products and culture.

In early January of last year it was reported that at least nine people choked to death in Japan mochi - rice cakes that are eaten on New Year's Eve.

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