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JBS accused of supporting the President of Brazil

Brazil, the world's largest producer - the company JBS - accused of illegally financing the re-election of President Dilma Rousseff campaign for a second term in 2014 year.

On it informs edition of O Globo.

At the disposal of the publication, according to his own statement, were indications Monica Moore, while the wife of the head of election headquarters Rousseff. The testimony of Monica says that by JBS was, in particular, the liability is settled in front of staff Rousseff media agency Focal. The testimony does not specify when and for what sum payment was made, however, argued that it was done informally.

In most JBS, According to Reuters, denied the charges. As she said the company and its employees "to check all their files with 2012 to the present time" and did not find any payments in favor of Focal. Dilma Rousseff Office did not respond to calls and the agency has not commented on the situation.

18 April, the Brazilian Congressional deputies voted to impeach the incumbent President Dilma Russef. To impeach the opposition against Russef, it was necessary to get 342 votes of congressmen from 513. The final decision on the impeachment should be taken by the Senate in the near future. If 54 from 81 senator will vote for a political court, the president will be suspended from office. At this time, the country will be led by Vice President Michel Temer, and the Senate will have no more than 180 days to decide on the final impeachment and resignation of Russef.

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