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Jim Beam VR first used in advertising

Producer Jim Beam bourbon, together with Yode Group agency team implemented the first project in virtual reality for the presentation of the new varieties of bourbon - Jim Beam Double Oak - for the visitors of the exhibition Moscow Bar Show, held from 5 8 September at St. Petersburg.

Traditionally, writes, alcohol producers c great willingness to talk about how their product is made, and what feature and "innovation" of various new products through workshops, brochures, nekhengery and much more. Brand Jim Beam has decided to go ahead and create a unique experience that will allow to immerse the user in the information that he wants to convey.

"Today, VR - is an innovative product that is" WOW "effect and creates a much more emotion in users than most traditional means of marketing communications. Impressions produced in virtual reality are staying longer in the memory of man, so Jim Beam VR was the possibility of an original way to solve the problem ", - the authors of the project.

The project used a helmet HTC Vive virtual reality - the result of Valve Corporation and HTC working together. Vive updated image with a frequency 90 Hz, allowing to show video in 90 fps. Two laser tracking station Lighthouse track user's movement in space. Built-in camera is an important element of the displacement system, allowing you to navigate in real space without removing the headset.

Controllers reflect the human hand movement in the virtual space, play a huge role in the process of immersion and can drastically change the impression of the process. Today it offers the most complete range of new experiences and opportunities due to the presence of controllers and movements in space.

Thanks to VR bartenders were able to move into the family hangar Jim Beam, where the first barrel of the legendary bourbon, and learn the secret of its preparation was created. During immersion, participants got to the room c oak barrels, could burn them with his own hands, pour bourbon from one to another, and thus, meet with an innovative method of double exposure, over which bourbon - Jim BeamDouble Oak.

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