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Judex allowed to resume production

After repeated checks that did not reveal any bacteria, the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service (SFRC) on Tuesday permitted the resumption of Kaunas frozen food products company Judex involved in the investigation of law enforcement - some time ago salmonella, E. coli and Listeria, and in the company's premises - enterobacteria, reports LETA / BNS.

"The decision was made when the veterinary inspectors after the second check made sure that the company carried out all the disinfection works and implemented all the measures envisaged in the plan for eliminating the shortcomings," said Mantas Staskevicius, the chief of the Veterinary Department of the GPVC.

According to him, the company has been advised of the authorization to resume production, and its activities will now be checked more often.

In mid-August, during the first inspection of the GPVA premises of the company, enterobacteria were discovered, which speak of insufficient purity of the manufacturing process and premises. The service, which some time ago completed the verification of 230-samples of Judex products, announced that salmonella was found in the pelmiks of Liuks, and in 6 samples - the exceeding of the allowable concentration of Escherichia coli. In addition, documents provided by the Special Investigation Service to the Veterinary Department showed that another bacterium, listeria, was found in the Judex pelmeni named Russkije, which were destined for the Russian market.

Judex exports products to Latvia, Estonia, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Russia and Belarus.

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