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CF Globe launched a new line for the production of a wide range of biscuits

In August, confectionery factory "Globus" new equipment was put into operation for the production of a wide range of oat, butter biscuits and gingerbread cookies. The launch of a new line is a significant event for the enterprise and for the city of Ulyanovsk.

Confectionary is not in place, improving, developing production, introducing modern technologies. Undoubtedly, the market competition is high, but the production of "Globe" is always distinguished by a consistently high quality.

The project to modernize and expand production, in recent years in the candy factory has multiple production lines for the production of chocolate and original sweets. Now we run and a line for the production of cakes, butter and oatmeal cookies. The new equipment has allowed to create more than 100 extra jobs.

The production capacity of the new equipment allows to produce up to 500 tons of finished products per month - this is a wide range of butter and oatmeal cookies, gingerbread cookies, using dough of various recipes and with a wide variety of fillers. I would also like to draw attention to the fact that the new line allows you to pack products in a wide variety of packaging, from boxes to branded bags.

The first batches of cookies and cakes have already started to supply retail chains, and at the same time, began to arrive and the first positive answer me.

We are not surprised the market with something particularly new, but give the customer a wide range of butter, oatmeal cookies and cakes of high quality with excellent taste at affordable prices!


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