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CF Slodych conducted a large-scale redesign the packaging of sugar and long cookies

OJSC Confectionery Factory Slodych has updated the appearance of packaging for a wide range of sugar and lingering biscuits. The products were redesigned in paper packaging weighing 100 g, in flow-pack and X-fold packaging weighing 450/150/75 g, in a vertical bag weighing 250/300/500 g.

This is the first such large-scale project of the Slodych packaging redesign, based on the results of a survey of consumers of cookies in the Republic of Belarus, within the framework of which it was necessary to take into account the diversity of the product range, taste characteristics and names of products, the difference in types and forms of packaging. The main tasks of the redesign were to highlight the distinctive features and flavor characteristics of each product, highlight the logo and name, apply a common stylistic design to link with the brand and between different product lines, and bring the packaging in line with the target audience's ideas about the product and the brand. Also, one of the tasks was to highlight and profitably present products on the shelf space at the points of sale with a single brand block, while maintaining the color continuity in the line.

The new packages for Slodych products are based on the idea of ​​taking out and highlighting the logo with an additional red element, saturating the package area with a bright pattern that differentiates the packaging in the line. The white background conveys the purity and, together with the stylized GOST sign, the guaranteed quality of the product, and the soft graphics of the illustrations remind of the soulfulness of a product familiar to many.

Within the framework of the project on redesigning the packaging of products "Slodych", the agencies "AIDA Pioneer" and "Agency of Visual Communications" made an invaluable contribution to the achievement of the goals.

In October 2016, Slodych provides extensive information support for packaging redesign events, which will involve national TV channels, Internet advertising, outdoor advertising in Minsk and regional cities.


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