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United Confectioners Holding is a collection of Christmas gifts 2017 years

This season, we are in a hurry to offer customers more than 45 items of original sweet gifts. Traditionally, our collection consists of branded gift sets of such well-known brands as “Alenka” ®, “Inspiration” ®, "Babaevsky" ® and "Favorite since childhood" ®, as well as soft toys in the form of a symbol of the coming year - a rooster, tin and cardboard packaging of various shapes and sizes.

We also offer our traditional assortment to the customers in the festive New Year's decoration: sets of sweets "Assorted" and gingerbread "Sweet stories" ®. All gifts are unique both in appearance and content, and a wide assortment will make it easy to choose a present for children and adults. This year a new approach was applied to packaging design. All the designs are exclusive, they were designed by famous artists especially for the entire collection of gifts and turned out to be New Year's soulful, warm and to some extent nostalgic. A series of packages with images of funny horseshoes, fairy fairies, merry penguins, majestic firebird will certainly stand out on the shelves of shops and will attract the attention of the buyer.

Holding's specialists have done a great job to update the designs and forms of corporate packaging. A series of gifts “Inspiration” ® captures the interest with a decoration resembling frosty patterns, the Alenka ® brand line is decorated with Christmas symbols and is close to every family, “Beloved from childhood” ® will captivate with interesting designs - you should pay attention to the gift with an element in the form of the Moscow Spasskaya Tower The Kremlin.

Gifts in traditional tins and cartons are diverse both in design and composition. Children will enjoy the New Year sets designed based on favorite fairy tales, while adults will appreciate the functionality of a tin packaging, which after the holidays can be useful in the household.

But the main decoration of the New Year's collection was a gift "Chocolate Factory" from Confectionery Concern "Babaevsky". It included 1,5 kilograms of the most popular chocolates from the famous factory. The packaging design resembles the mansion of the founders of the Abrikosovs enterprise, which has survived to this day and is the main element in the logo of the brand "Babaevsky" ®. Looking at the gala house, I would like to peek into the window and find myself at the celebration of the New Year and Christmas in the house of the Apricots!

Each gift is a small work of art that pleases the eye and gives a sweet pleasure. Indeed, each set contains a huge assortment of confectionery from Moscow and regional Holding factories - chocolate, chocolates, caramel, biscuit rolls and cakes, marshmallows, cookies and dragees.

Before the new year for another four months, but now you can get acquainted with the full range of gifts on the company's website. Since mid-September, there will be gifts in our retail stores "Alenka" and in retail outlets across the country. We also provide services for the production of sweet gifts with the corporate logo and / or New Year greeting the customer. Learn all the information on our website under "Corporate clients".

New Year is a long-awaited and beloved holiday that unites people, brings joy and expectation of a miracle to every home. Holding United Confectioners wishes all customers the fulfillment of their cherished wishes and a sweet New Year!


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