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China is reforming the salt industry

China plans to make changes in the production and sale of salt monopoly which lasted more than 2 thousand. Years, writes The Wall Street Journal.

So, according to RNS, the country intends next year to get rid of the state control over the price of salt and control over the sale of edible salt.

Thus, companies will be able to decide whether to sell the salt directly to the public or state-owned companies.

China's State Council said that the state will continue to license the salt and salt products and oblige to add iodine in most of the produced salt.

"This is an important milestone in the reform of the salt industry. Cancellation of state control on prices and marketing - a lot of progress for the industry ", - said the lawyer Zou Tszyalay representing China in the interest of private companies for the production of salt.

Earlier, in the framework of the reform of the state monopoly Beijing issued a license for the production of salt 100 private companies, which had to sell salt state distribution companies. They, in turn, table salt sold to the public.

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