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China promotes the import of Russian ice cream

Office of Inspection and Quarantine of the city of Manzhouli (Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia, North China (taking active measures to promote the expansion of imports of ice cream from Russia to China.

According to the "Xinhua News," referring to the statement of local authorities, due to the constant strengthening of Sino-Russian friendly relations expanding food trade between the two countries. Ice cream produced in Russia, which is characterized by high-quality raw materials and traditional taste, more popular among Chinese gourmands and becomes one of the main food products imported through the checkpoint Manzhouli in China.

Inspection and Quarantine Service Manzhouli established with Russian producers of ice cream channels of communication and exchange of information on food production and food safety.

At the same time, the said department promptly provides domestic importers with information on food safety, assists them in creating a database for managing risks, strengthening control over types of ice cream that may have quality problems, software development that allows managing import operations, all this is aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing risks in the work of importing ice cream.

The Office has also optimized its work in the area of ​​monitoring and verification, whereby the process of customs clearance procedures for imports of ice cream decreased by three days, and the costs of importing companies decreased markedly.

According to statistics, in January-August through Manzhouli 2016 years 271,4 tons were imported Russian ice cream total cost of 863 thousand dollars. These two indicators increased 267,3 and 1387,9% compared to the same period of 2015 years.

Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrived in the Chinese city of Hangzhou to participate in the summit of "Group of Twenty", brought his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in a gift box of Russian ice cream.

"After the summit in Hangzhou we were approached by many entrepreneurs who intend to engage in ice cream imports from Russia", - reported in the department.

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