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How quickly eat corn using a drill

Popular videoblogers The Slow Mo Guys published a video that captures the high-speed eating of corn with a drill. The recording, to put it mildly, of an experiment unsafe for health, was viewed over two days over 1,6 a million times.

On the frames published below, one of the participants of the well-known YouTube duet is captured, using a drill, to eat a cob of corn boiled in ketchup. It turns out that he is not the first time, but the slow-motion video of the experiment turned out to be fascinating.

The authors of the project The Slow Mo Guys knowingly specifically noted that the audience did not try to repeat this experiment at home. Earlier, a video appeared on the web in which a Chinese woman tries to eat corn with a drill. As a result, the girl's hair caught on the drill, and she lost a large strand right on her forehead.

Viewers of the movie The Slow Mo Guys say that such entertainment is also extremely harmful to the teeth.

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