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As Lukashenko has learned to grow watermelons

For the third consecutive year, Alexander Lukashenko, gathers in his backyard farm harvest watermelons. meet and talk with those who are inspired by the president on the cultivation of this extravagant culture, and find out how it has taken root in Belarus.

Photo: Vladimir Krapivka offers a taste of watermelon with his melons

"We had to close this gap. Well, I went to "

"The land I - 260 hectare. 7 hectares set aside for watermelons "- says the head of the farm" Friendship and Co "Vladimir Krapivka.

He himself from Rostov. At the end of 70-x was in furnaces and Lyadische near Borisov, where "was captured by the Belarusian girl." It is painted with it and settled in Belarus. For a long time the head of the "Druzhba" collective farm in Smolevichi district, and then on the basis of his farm opened.

Seven years ago, Vladimir Krapivka one of the first in Belarus began to grow watermelons. This idea he tossed the Institute of Horticulture, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Mieczyslaw Stepuro.

"In the year 2009 Mieczyslaw Franzevich gave me two dozen tapes (for seedlings -. Ed.), Watermelons and offered to try to grow. I took and planted. Grown on 12-15 kilos. Cut, tried. It proved to be very tasty. Starting next year, began to grow ", - says the farmer.

Breeding unusual for Belarus berries interested press. In one of the TV channels came the story on this topic. He saw Alexander Lukashenko.

"Then came the presidential aide. Such a high, healthy. I buy watermelons. Alexander Grigoryevich liked. Help arrived for the second time. Again, I gave a dozen watermelons. The assistant asked who taught me to grow watermelons. I said Mieczyslaw Franzevich. And he invited Stepura that and began to teach the president. That is, we have a common teacher watermelons "- says the head of the farm.

Mieczyslaw Stepuro recalls that in 2014, in the Institute of Horticulture came Vice President of the Governing Hope Kotkovets affairs in search of "something extravagant" to grow in the garden of the presidential. We agreed on watermelons, and the Institute of the berries at the time involved only Mieczyslaw Stepuro.

He knew what the responsibility in front of him, so initially tried to dodge the proposal, but the institute director insisted on his candidacy, citing the long-term experience in this field.

"We had to close this gap. Well, I went, "- says Mieczyslaw Stepuro.

He put all his efforts and ability to grow high-quality product for the presidential table.

"There you have to get the product, which falls on the table for tall people. They can, roughly speaking, and head off to remove. Therefore it was necessary to apply all the knowledge and skills ", - says the candidate of agricultural sciences.

He often visited the presidential residence, but he did not meet personally with the head of Belarus for a long time. This happened unexpectedly.

"Like 25 August [2014 years] after me came, but they did not immediately say why. Only then I was told that I want to meet with the president. I precipitated because morally prepared. He came up, we shook hands and began to speak. Somewhere two hours. In the end, he said that we should write technology. I said that it is necessary to conduct experiments, to adapt everything, to break in. He said he did not need any adjustment. Like, I have already adapted, "- says Mieczyslaw Stepuro.

According to him, last year, the residence was obtained fairly good harvest, but this year - "in general class." "We got the shaft somewhere 120-130 tons", - says the numbers of the Institute of Horticulture.

Across the country, according to him, we have collected more than a thousand tons of watermelons, which is twice more than last year.

"Grow watermelons not complicated cucumber"

According to experts, Belarus has created all conditions for growing watermelons.

Firstly, the cultivation of this culture contribute to the natural conditions.

"The soil we though sandy, poor, but provided enough oxygen. In addition, we have changed the climate ", - says Mieczyslaw Stepuro.

In particular, over the past decade due to the temperature increase Belarus 'territorial' to 150 kilometers moved to the south.

In the second place, in our country, there are tangible opportunities to grow watermelons. We have produced and plastic cassettes for seedlings and soil substrate, and materials for shelter crops.

"In Belarus, this culture can be grown and the need is not more difficult cucumbers. You just have to take the class, who were tested, tested and have a growing season 62-65 days. If you take 100-120 days, watermelon, we did not have time to grow ", - said the candidate of agricultural sciences.

Of the hundreds of varieties grown in Belarus, it offers to bet on the Dutch. In addition to the hybrid "Romanza F1», which are bred in the president's residence, the expert also recommends that "Topgan".

"They are closer to us on conditions, latitude, temperature regime," - emphasizes the candidate of agricultural sciences.

According to him, watermelons in Belarus, as a rule, are planted in late May. During their maturation process agents against various pests and diseases Fusarium.

"No chemicals will not be enough, but we process two or three times, and abroad - by fifteen to eighteen times. We chemistry less six or eight times. Sometimes, we even preload once again, hands propolem, but the chemistry was not brought, "- says Mieczyslaw Stepuro.

Moreover, according to taste Belarusian watermelons exceed imports, which are crammed with fungicides.

"We have a sugar content of 9,2-9,8%, have not imported accumulates 7%», - says the candidate of agricultural sciences.

He stresses that the cultivation of watermelons is very advantageous for Belarus business. Profitability comes to 170-200%.

"For a ton of watermelon two tons of potash fertilizer you can buy that are produced on the knees, under the earth, and watermelon can grow freely, and he is well, we grow", - says Mieczyslaw Stepuro.

Now growing watermelons in Belarus want to put on stream. Scientists work out the technology of industrial production of this crop.

"We are now conducting extensive research in Malorita, Pruzhany, Minsk and Grodno regions and in parallel develop a set of machines for cultivation of watermelon," - says the doctor of agricultural sciences, professor of the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University Alexander Autko.

His contribution to the development of the Belarusian melon, certainly will and Alexander Lukashenko. Mieczyslaw Stepuro already preparing presidential beds next year.

"I know that this culture will be unwound in Belarus. This interest and the upper echelons of power ", - said the candidate of agricultural sciences.

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