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Kaliningrad received dopkvoty catch sprats

The Baltic scientific fisheries advice distributed between Russian regions that are fishing in the Baltic Sea, additional quotas for sprat in the 2016 year: the volume of production for the Kaliningrad fishermen increased by more than 5 thousand tons, the press service of the government of the Kaliningrad region.

Previously, the order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation the total allowable catch of this species of fish in the Baltic Sea has been increased by 7,5 thousand tons.

"Additional allowable catch allocated between Kaliningrad and Leningrad Regions, St. Petersburg, the company which carried out fishing in the Baltic Sea. The bulk of sprat assigned to our region, more than 5 thousand tons ", - quotes the words of the government of the Kaliningrad region the head of the regional Fishery Agency Andrey Mikhalevich.

According to Mikhalevich, reports "RIA Novosti", this year taking into account the gain total allowable catch for sprat fishing Kaliningrad exceeds 27 thousand tons. He noted that now the agency will distribute the quota of the enterprises of the region.

Increased quotas for sprat is important to ensure the raw materials processing plants in the region. In the past year in the area worked three canned sprat production, this year launched three more. During the seven months of this year the region produced more than 15 million cans of canned sprat, whereas for the full year 2015 - 19 million approximately.

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