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Canada may prohibit the use of insecticides

The Government of Canada may prohibit the use of agricultural insecticides used to protect plants from being eaten by insects. It is reported by Reuters. As reported by the Agency of pest control (Pest Management Regulatory Agency, PMRA) management of drug imidacloprid production of Bayer AG will be banned for the next five years.

At present, the regulator is considering a ban of two neonicotinoid class of substances - clothianidin and thiamethoxam, transmits RNS.

The reason is called a possible ban of imidacloprid the damage to midges and fly-by-night, whose existence is essential for aquatic ecosystems. In addition, the Canadian government continues to study the possible harm to bees of insecticides. Previously, numerous studies have drawn attention to the decline in the number of honey bees in North America - among the reasons cited, including the use by farmers of imidacloprid and other neonicotinoids class of substances.

The Bayer Canada noted that "disappointed" the decision of the agency. "Canadian producers appreciate imidacloprid for efficiency, safety for plants and positive environmental haarkteristiki subject to the instructions on the package," - said vice-president David Rozdeba.

President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture Ron Bonnet said he did not see any problem in a possible ban of imidacloprid as other neonicotinoids will remain available. "Right now I do not see a lot of" red flags "," - said Bonnet.

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