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Canadian Presse Cafe is looking for himself in Moscow

Canadian coffee shop chain Presse Cafe, competing with Starbucks, is going to enter the Russian market. According to "Kommersant", the top managers of companies are looking for in Moscow the master franchisee. But in Russia, the number of newcomers from foreign networks now it is necessary to tune in to a long payback period.

Canadian Presse Cafe is preparing to release in Russia, a source in the franchise market. This is evidenced by the general director EMTG (organizer of events related to franchising) Ekaterina Soyak. According to her, the Canadians assess the risks and determined the model of presence is likely, it will be a partnership with the master franchisee. In Presse Cafe blog has fresh record "CEO Presse Cafe and respected advisors in Russia today. Their mission is to investigate and weigh our options in Moscow in the coming years. " On Friday Presse Cafe on request did not answer.

Presse Cafe - Canadian network based in 1995 in Montreal. Since 2003 years developing the franchise. Franchised restaurants of the chain will open in Morocco, Senegal, France, Australia, Cyprus. Now the network of coffee houses around 100, 60 more of them - in Canada, including Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.

According to Mrs. Soyak, when entering the Russian market in partnership with the master franchisee, the risks for foreign and domestic brands are the same. "Foreign brands are sometimes more sensitive to currency fluctuations, as they affect the payback period, the final cost of production and the planned revenue," she explains, adding that hedging risk can be carefully selected by local suppliers. "That's why foreign restaurateurs prefer to master the Russian market, either selling a master franchise, or by creating a joint venture with a local player," the expert notes.

According to research company NPD, the market volume of coffee shops in Moscow and the Moscow region in the last year increased by 12%, to 18 billion rubles. These studies "Rosindeks" company Ipsos Comcon show that coffee - a popular format among the Russians, this segment has won in the current crisis. At the end of the year 2015, the share of coffee shops visitors rose to 20%, while a year ago - to 17%.

The Ipsos Comcon explain this stability of the average check in coffee shops: the size of one-time purchase remained at 390 rubles. However, in the pizzerias amount of average check, too, has not changed (500 rub. Per person), but attendance is not growing.

This little-known brands in Russia, which include Presse Cafe, need more time to lay on the promotion and payback, as the audience slowly gets used to an unfamiliar place, plus the crisis negative impact on consumer activity, warns Yekaterina Soyak. It is estimated that the payback period of the coffee shop at the amount of investment 12-14 million rubles. on the institution - an average of two to three years. "In a crisis, you can find a good location that provides catering establishments 80% success", - she added.

But in the real estate market in the segment of street retail, the demand for visits to the central regions, despite the crisis, remains significant. According to the head of the department of street-retail JLL in Moscow Julia Nazarova, for the coffee house you can find 150-200 sq. M. M in the central regions for 1-1,5 million rubles. per month. "The demand for them is high, the vacancy level is minimal, and the expiration date does not exceed two months," she notes, adding that the catering networks occupy more than 30% of total demand in the street retail market. The owner of a quality premise can receive up to ten offers from different tenants, says Mrs. Nazarova. One of the interlocutors of Kommersant on the market notes that Presse Cafe is planning to position itself in the middle price segment: Starbucks (76 coffee shops in Moscow) can become the closest competitor of Canadians. Among the largest participants of the Moscow market are the chains of coffee houses "Chocolate" (more than 300 institutions) and "Coffee House" (more than 80 points), CoffeeShop (24 institutions), "Caffeine" (more than 30 points).

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