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"Coffee House" will test Vietnamese cuisine

"Coffeemania", developing the eponymous premium cafe, decided to work in a democratic segment and launches a chain of restaurants of Vietnamese cuisine "Fo Fa". Average check in new institutions will be 700 rub.

, The initiator of the project calculates. But, experts warn, in the conditions of falling incomes, the average check may be one and a half times lower, which will increase the payback period.

"Coffeemania" launches a new brand: this summer the restaurant of Vietnamese cuisine "Fo Fa" opens on 62 seats along with the veranda on Usachevsky market in the south-west of Moscow. The project was joined by a Vietnamese entrepreneur Min Bach. This was reported to Kommersant by Ekaterina Arkhipova, a representative of Kofemania. "The menu will be popular soup fo, as well as new dishes and drinks for Moscow," she explained, adding that the average check would be about 700 rub. According to Catherine Arkhipova, "Fo Fah" can become a network if the first institution is successful. "First we will test the concept. In a few months it will become clear how effective it is, "she explained, adding that future establishments are planned to be opened not only near the renewed markets, as in the case of the Usachevsky market, but in other suitable locations. The volume of investment in the first point is estimated at 20 million rubles.

The network "Coffeemania" was created in 2001 by Igor Zhuravlev and businessman Sergey Kirilenko (former partner of ex-senator Vadim Moshkovich in the development company "Scale", ex-owner of Sobinbank, active shareholder (5% of shares) in the "Fashion Continent", developing brands Incity And Deseo). Now "Coffeemania" positions itself as a network of 26 institutions (average check 1-2 thousand rubles), including those that work in Moscow airports.

Vietnamese cuisine in Moscow is not the most popular, notes RestCon executive director Andrei Petrakov, clarifying that the idea of ​​its development among restaurateurs is often reserved and will be used when there are no others. "But this segment is changing and developing. The cuisine is simple, it is well perceived by consumers, the institution can turn into a payback network, "- Mr. Petrakov believes. According to him, the volume of investments in Fo Fa corresponds to the market and the restaurant can count on a standard payback period for the industry for a period of one to three years. "A year and a half, if the location will be very successful," the expert added.

Andrei Petrakov does not exclude that, given the current drop in household incomes, the average check in "Fo Fa" may be lower than the brand owners plan, - 400-500 rub. Expert Petrakov notes that the only segment of the catering market, which is growing now, is fast food. "The number of restaurants in the past 12 months has not changed, this figure is not growing, and in the coming year the situation will not change," he said.

According to Mosstat, the turnover of public catering in the capital falls for two consecutive years. Promsvyazbank's chief analyst Igor Nuzhdin says that this dynamics is connected with weak growth of incomes (the real salary in 2016 grew by 0,2%) and the transition to a savings model of behavior. In 2015, in real terms, the turnover of the catering market in Moscow declined by 8,5%, in 2016 - by 13,9%, to 160,9 billion rubles. According to Igor Nuzhdin, this year there may be signs of a market recovery. "In real terms, growth can be at the level of 3-5%, in monetary terms - at 8-12%. The increase in incomes of citizens can lead to a partial shift in demand from street food and fast food to more expensive segments, "Nuzhdin said.

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