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Mars company offered to build a production in Tatarstan

RT President Rustam MinnikhanovWho completes his working visit to the US as part of the US-Russia Business Council in San Francisco, he held a series of meetings.

In particular, there was a meeting with the leadership of Mars.

Minnikhanov said that RT can offer favorable conditions for the location of production facilities of the company. For our part, we are ready to render any assistance, the RT President emphasized. At the moment, Mars is the leader in the world rating of 100 best companies producing confectionery products; produces chocolate, food for pets, chewing gum, drinks, etc. In the Russian market, Mars company operates 25 years. During this time, 9 factories were opened in 4 regions, the company invested more than mce_markernbsp, 1 billion in production in Russia.

Head of the Investment Division of Mars and Global Sales Mary Latimer reported that the company's priority - the localized production: "We would like to consider the use of products of the agricultural enterprises of Tatarstan for the production of food and feed for pets." Tatarstan President instructed to create a working group which, in accordance with the quality standards of Mars will offer options for cooperation with Tatarstan.

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