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The company "1S-Rarus" automated processing and management processes of the Novosibirsk "Combine Food"

Excludes losses due to write-offs of control of raw materials and finished products. Production costs reduced by 30%. To halve the amount of the daily workflow. Accelerate the formation of the menu, well respected technology of cooking in school combines the power, provided strict quality control and shelf life of raw materials and finished products.

Schoolchildren receive well-balanced and healthy dishes prepared only with fresh products.

Municipal Autonomous Institution "Plant Food" is engaged in catering 60 schools of Novosibirsk, as well as delivers products and semi-finished products in kindergartens, hospitals, canteens state-owned enterprises, has its own retail store cooking, two dining rooms and cafes.

Organization of nutrition of students while in school is one of the key factors in maintaining their health and effectiveness of the training. Food culture - the most important component of the general culture of a healthy and safe lifestyle of students.

In 2015 year UIA "power plant" management developed the company's development plan, a priority of which was to raise the quality of food and service in school canteens students.

For effective implementation of the planned measures mill management decided to transfer the work units with disparate software products in the new information system, which would allow:

to increase the level of technological control in the production of food products, to strengthen control over the quality and shelf life of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, to optimize the management of the assortment of school canteens, to tighten control over the purchase prices and margins for products in school canteens, to organize operational interaction with suppliers and school mills power supply, get rid of the repeated manual entry of documents into the system and eliminate accounting errors.

Implementation partner was the Novosibirsk branch of "1S-Rarus". To achieve these objectives, it was decided to implement and adapt needs of the enterprise system "1S-Rarus: Power Plant" developed on the platform of "1S: Enterprise 8".

During 2015, the system was deployed at 20 workplace. Today, the technology works system, accountants, as well as employees of the enterprise warehouse and food shops, school power plants, as well as their own canteens, cafes and shops cooking.

Key results of the project:

The new system united the work of all departments involved in the organization of catering for schoolchildren. Unified normative-reference base of the enterprise. Data from 1-Rarus: Food Combine is integrated with related information systems used in the organization. Ensure prompt processing of more than 1000 documents per day - applications and documents for entry and movement of raw materials and finished products, the shipping documents and the release of products, formulations manufacturing products and semi-finished products, menus, inventory acts and acts of fixing retail sales. Employees got rid of double data entry, documents are not duplicated, the volume of daily workflow of the enterprise decreased by 2 times. Organized tight control of shelf life and quality of products. The system does not ship or share in the production of expired products. When shipped to manufacturing plants selected products with an optimal shelf life, the goods do not lie in a warehouse, the students prepared dishes made from only the freshest ingredients. The invoices for the movement of information is automatically added to the number and quality certificate the date of production. All users of the system can see the certificates that are automatically attached to the generated documents for moving or outsourcing products. Strengthened control over the expenditure of raw materials. Organized by the operational control of all technological operations and merchandising, including delivery of products to the central warehouse, their transfer to production, to move between units and shipment to the school. Introduced technical and technological cards, describing the technology preparation of production rules and bookmark products. Raw materials are now used strictly according to standards, financial losses associated with uncontrolled write-offs of products are excluded. There was an opportunity to compile daily menus and generate costing cards for dishes and semi-finished products with an indication of consumption rates, including taking into account hot / cold processing and seasonal adjustment, taking into account chemical and energy characteristics. Each item in the cost of food-founded, unfounded surcharges excluded. Added additional calculations on the profitability of the menu items for the optimization of the range in canteens school canteens. In addition, if earlier it was necessary to create a menu in spreadsheets and send it to schools for transferring data to local accounting programs, now loading the menu into the school information databases is carried out with the click of a button, it can immediately be printed out and put into general access. Department of the municipal order of the Main Department of Education of the City Hall Novosibirsk sets maximum prices for basic foods, taking into account shipping and packing. The system allows you to control and does not exceed the maximum permissible purchase price and mark-up on products. This helps Food Combine avoid violations of the law and fines. Now you can quickly monitor and analyze the performance of the enterprise. The system automatically generates reports for sales in schools with details on product types and payment methods - cash and cashless. Demand Evaluation allows for more efficient planning and procurement to optimize menu. The control of all phases of the work "Combine Food" eliminated unprofitable sales.

Director of the Ural Power Plant Oksana Yerlina notes: "Thanks to the joint well-coordinated work of the project team consisting of our employees and 1S-Rarus specialists, the transition to a new management system was carried out in the shortest time practically" painlessly ". The system, created on the basis of "1С: 8 Enterprises", helped to organize the operative technological control of production, ensured accurate accounting of the movement of raw materials and finished products. Management accounting in a single information system with the ability to generate analytical reporting on the activities of units gives management the opportunity to make effective management decisions aimed at optimizing production costs and improving the quality of service. In 2016, 16 received letters of appreciation from administrations, pedagogical and parent groups of educational institutions to the management of the "Power Plant". In the plans for the future - further automation of our school canteens, including in remote areas of the Novosibirsk region. "

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