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The company "Tradition" was fined for "Baba Valya"

Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) in St. Petersburg fined 110 thousand company "Tradition". It is reported by the press service department.

The owner of the brand "Baba Valya" made packaging confusingly similar packaging Valio butter.

Thus was violated article 14 of the Law "On Protection of Competition» (prohibiting unfair competition), the report said. Similar packaging of goods sold in the same time could lead to confusion, explained in the antitrust department.

"Buyers who are guided by the most striking elements, including color and styles, can be confused superficially similar packaging oil" Baba Valya "and" Valio "and buy one product instead of another", - said in a release.

FAS issued a decision in which a violation of the law, in December 2 2015 years. "Tradition" tried to appeal, but in August the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region upheld the decision of the antimonopoly body.

Also, during the consideration of the case on their own company changed the packaging, "Baba Valya" oil, which is not relieved by a fine organization, according to the agency. "Voluntary justice on the part of the offender freed him from the issuance of the order, but not freed from administrative liability", - said the head of the St. Petersburg FAS Vadim Vladimirov.

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