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Confectionery Factory Red Dawn approved state aid

At the next meeting of new investment, which took place on November 14 regional government approved the application of confectionery factory "Red Dawn" for the provision of state support.

The company's management has requested a subvention for partial repayment of interest on loans taken for the purchase of new equipment, the cost of which amounted to 2,7 billion rubles.

And it is the subsidy of 50, 39 million rubles receive.

The plans of the Red Dawn investors are to increase the range of products and increase their output to 26,9 thousand tons per year. The term of the project is 7 years. Now the factory employs 212 people, in connection with the expansion of the production of all jobs will be 371. It is assumed that the average wage in the near future will be 31 thousand rubles, and in the future - 50 thousand.

Currently the company produces 4 thousand tons per year, next year it will rise to 13 thousand tons. Sweets and waffles Ivanovo confectioners implemented in the entire Central Federal District.

Recall, "Red Dawn" was repeatedly stopped and again resumed the work, she went bankrupt and passed from hand to hand. The new phase of the revival of the factory it has supported in the form of tax breaks.


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