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Kraft Heinz in the III quarter has increased net profit

Net profit Kraft Heinz 2016 in the III quarter of the year rose to $ 842 million against a loss of $ 303 million for the same period last year, according to the RNS, citing the company's statement.

Earnings per share of the company for the quarter amounted to 69 cents compared to a loss per share of $ cents 27 2015 in the III quarter of the year.

Revenue Kraft Heinz for the period increased compared to II quarter 2015 year 2,4% - up to $ 6,26 billion revenue company in the foreign segment, which includes the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Russia, India, Middle East and Africa, in the. III quarter rose to 4,4% - up to $ 809 million in the European segment revenues decreased by 14,5% -. to 513 million in the uS - rose by 1,2% and decreased by 4,4%, amounting to $ 2 billion in the Canadian segment revenues - up to $ 550 million.

Analysts had expected for the quarter the company will receive an income of $ 6,3 billion and earnings per share of 75 cents per share.

Shares of Kraft Heinz at the close Nashdaq Exchange fell to 2,16% - up to $ 86,25 per share. the company's share price after closing down on 1,16% - up to $ 85,25 per share - against the backdrop of reports published.

Kraft Heinz - the third largest producer of food and beverages in North America and fifth in the world. The company was formed by the merger of Kraft Foods Inc. and Heinz. Among the brands of the combined company - Heinz, Alpen Gold, Cadbury, Jacobs, Carte Noire and others.

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