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Crimea can fully meet the Russian oysters

Oyster farms on Lake Donuzlav, located on the west coast of Crimea intends to fully meet the Russian market for shellfish 2018 year. On Monday May 23, informs "RIA Novosti" with reference to the press service of the State Committee for Fisheries of the Republic.

To date, the farm was completed installation of the first stage of mussel, oyster complex, planted 5 million oysters. The harvest of shellfish by the end of the year will be 70 thousand pieces. It is reported that after two years the farm expects to reach an annual turnover equal to the total value of imports of these products in Russia. "We plan to reach the production level of five million mussels per year approximately two years and fully close the domestic market demand for oysters" - he said the agency CEO "Crimean seafood" Vladimir Mazanov.

7 April it became known that the development of the oyster farm in Donuzlave invested about 20 million rubles. This is the first stage of a large-scale project with a total investment of one billion rubles. Large-scale production of shellfish should also appear in the town of Katsiveli. Against the activities of entrepreneurs in the lake Donuzlav made Black Sea Fleet, so the company had to turn to the government for assistance.

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