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Every fourth collective farm in Belarus is unprofitable

According to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Leonid Zayats, in Belarus on 1 September 2016, the 348 agricultural enterprises (24% of the total) were unprofitable.

As he reported to 15 in November in Minsk, the revenue from sales of products for the eight months increased by 4,8%, and the return on sales was 3,2%, BelaPAN writes.

“With the help of regulatory documents previously adopted by the president, we will be able to solve the problems of insolvency of agricultural enterprises,” the minister said.

He recalled that in Belarus unprofitable agricultural enterprises with state ownership will be put up for sale or rented out. This decision is enshrined by presidential decree No. 253 of July 4 of 2016.

As a measure of pre-trial rehabilitation of agricultural organizations and legal entities - investors are given installment payment of arrears: on the amount of fines and accrued penalties for violation of the terms and procedure for making payments to the budget of social security fund; arrears on 1 July 2016 of the year for the return of budget loans and loans and unpaid interest, arrears in the payment of taxes, fees, penalties; arrears in the payment of fines for administrative offenses; debts for natural gas, electricity and heat energy on 31 December 2018.

The decree defines the conditions for the use of installments repayment of debt.

“These measures allow enterprises to install their debts by two years - five years. This is a right, not an obligation of creditors. The settlement agreement is reached, the understanding is reached. For the amount of accounts payable, you can take shares of the company and participate in its management, ”the minister explained.

In his opinion, the sale of the farm will not help offset the debts.

“We need to preserve these agricultural enterprises, preserve the labor collective, and with the help of the measures prescribed in the decrees, raise them to a higher level of development, change the owner and give him a new impetus,” the head of the department said.

According to him, in Belarus 323 agricultural organizations with a share of state property are subject to pre-trial recovery, 102 - bankruptcy.

Hare also said that, according to Decree No. 268, an Asset Management Agency is being established in the country, which will help solve the problem of bank loan debts. According to him, 220 assets of agricultural enterprises will be transferred to the agency in the amount of debt in 7,1 billion non-denominated rubles.

There are unprofitable enterprises, he noted, and in the processing industry: five of 40 - milk processing, 10 of 23 - meat processing.

"Since the profitability of sales of meat and dairy products for export is quite high (for example, in the Russian Federation, beef - 21%, cheese - 28 — 30%, butter - about 20%), the task is to process raw materials and sell high value added products , including to third countries, ”said Hare.

He said that for the months of 9, agricultural products were exported to 1 billion 850 million dollars, which was 99,3% compared to the same period last year. The Minister expressed confidence that according to the results of 11 months, exports will reach the level of last year, and by the end of the year it may exceed it. Products are shipped to 58 countries of the world.

Agricultural products were exported to third countries for 3,2 million dollars. Thirty-four Belarusian enterprises received the right to supply dairy products to China, four - meat.

“On 60 — 70 thousand dollars this year we will deliver to third countries more. This may not be much, but for us these markets are very promising, ”the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food said.

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