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LDPR need a state monopoly on the production and circulation of fish

MPs from the Liberal Democratic Party offered to 2017 years to establish a state monopoly on the production and circulation of fish to fight against poachers. The corresponding bill submitted to the Duma, and placed in an automated system of maintenance of legislative activity.

Under the bill, with January 1 2017, in the territory of the Russian Federation introduced a state monopoly on the extraction (catch) and the turnover of aquatic biological resources.

As explained by the authors of the bill, MPs Mikhail Degtyarev, Alexey Sysoev Vladimir Didenko, and now many companies operating on the Russian market, which are engaged in the illegal extraction of water bioresources (WBR).

"According to various reports, the illegal catch of water biological resources in Russia up to 20% of the total catch volume. Such enterprises (poachers) not only do not pay taxes to the state budget, violate a population of certain types of bio-resources, and supply the fish caught in Russian waters to foreign markets. Thus, these companies through their actions seriously harm the economy ", - said in a memorandum to the bill.

According to deputies, the state monopoly will allow to improve the situation. State monopoly will be provided by the conclusion of agreements with organizations for the production and turnover of FBG, the licensing procedure of production and turnover of FBG, permissive procedure for the import and export of FBG, the formation of prices of aquatic resources.

"The state monopoly will encourage compliance requirements set by the state, to carry out a clear registration of catch, true to form the price of aquatic resources and ultimately provide for the needs of the Russian population in high-quality fish and seafood," - the document says.

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