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Lido will cover Germany its network of restaurants

Catering company Lido plans to open XNUMX restaurants in Germany within five years, company representatives told reporters.

On May 18, two restaurants "Kirsons" will open in Berlin.

One of the Berlin restaurants "Kirsons" is located near a major tourist site and transport hub "Alexanderplatz" - on the first floor of the Alex shopping center. Another restaurant is located on Charlottes Street, near the Check Point Charlie. This restaurant is located on the first floor of the administrative building.

The area of ​​the “Kirsons” restaurant in the Alex shopping center is 244 square meters, it can simultaneously accommodate 151 clients. And the area of ​​the restaurant on Charlottes Street is 477 square meters, it has 136 seats.

The interior of both “Kirsons” restaurants in Berlin was created by designer Evija Kirsone, the main attention in the design is given to the interior and comfort. According to Kirsons, the production was created so that in the future it would be possible to serve up to 20 restaurants.

Each of the "Kirsons" restaurants in Berlin will have about 100 items of food available on the Lido menu. Customers in Germany will have the opportunity to taste Latvian-grown vegetables and meat products, as well as Uzhavas beer. In total, 62 people will be employed in both restaurants and production.

According to Gunar Kirsons, owner and chairman of the board of directors of Lido, AS Lido has invested three million euros in two Kirsons restaurants and the creation of a production facility in Berlin. This project was mainly financed by DNB banka.

The company informed that in addition to Germany, Lido restaurants will also appear in Austria and Switzerland.

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