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Lido will open in Berlin on a network of restaurants 15

In the next two to three years plans to open joint-stock company Lido in Berlin 15 network of restaurants, has informed agency LETA Chairman Lido Gunars Ķirsons Council.

In Germany, the company plans to turn around and outside of Berlin, he added.

Commenting on the activities of two bistro has opened in Berlin, Ķirsons reported that in general good, but on financial performance will be only through 5-6 months.

"I know that in Berlin bistro lunch so full that there is no place to drop a piece of paper" - said the representative of the company.

He added that some difficulties have arisen with the language barrier among workers. In Berlin Lido 70% of workers from Latvia and 30% from Germany.

As reported, in the opening of two restaurants Kirsons and production in Berlin invested 3 million. Euro.

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