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Likhachev: Russia will challenge the WTO ruling on pork

Russia in the near future challenge in the World Trade Organization (WTO) panel decision of the arbitrators by the EU to the Russian Federation on the suit pork, said "RIA Novosti" the first deputy head of the Ministry of Economic Development Alexei Likhachev.

"Not yet, in the near future", - said Likhachev to the question whether the appeal is brought.

In August, the WTO panel of arbitrators generally supported the claim of the European Union against Russia concerning the introduction of the Russian ban on imports of pig products from the EU because of the African swine fever (ASF).

Rosselkhoznadzor from January 30 2014 year banned the delivery to Russia of products of pig EU countries to obtain security guarantees from the European Commission. The decision was taken after the outbreak of African swine fever was registered in Lithuania. In mid-February, another hotbed of ASF was diagnosed in Poland.

The EU called the ban disproportionate and sent a request to the WTO with a request to form an expert group to resolve a dispute over the Russian ban on the import of pork products from EU countries.

The fact that Russia is going to challenge in the WTO, the claim of the European Union, Likhachev told RIA Novosti in early September.

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