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The line of "restart" enriched solutions for the kitchen and the electronic-queue

The company "1S-Rarus" released two new solutions for automation of restaurants, which are easily integrated into the current information system and adapt to suit individual business requirements.

"RESTART: Kitchen» Kitchen help build an effective job. The program displays each order coming into the kitchen, while his decision and cooking, waiter, order number, room and board.

You can view recipes, cooking methods and photos of ready-made dishes. The chef mode allows you to view all orders, and the chef mode allows you to view orders for his workshop. Monitoring the status of dishes helps to clearly control the work of the kitchen and generate operational reporting.

"RESTART: Kitchen» suitable for classical restaurants and fast foods. The solution is controlled via a sensory or keyboards, completely replacing or working together with kitchen printers.

"Restart: Electronic queue" allows you to increase the speed of service and the turnover of orders, reduce workplaces and expenses for a larger trading space and equipment for cash desks. The product is relevant for fast food: after acceptance by the cashier of an order, its status is displayed in the panel above the distribution. Seeing that the order is "ready", the client takes it independently without waiting for this moment in line at the cash desk. The cashier manages to serve a large stream of guests, only taking orders and not being distracted by their delivery. For effective use, only an information board and a cook's workplace with order management are required.

Products are available for purchase in the company "1S-Rarus".

Information about the group "1S-Rarus" companies

"1S-Rarus" - a joint venture of companies "1S" and "Rarus", created in the year 1994. Today "1S-Rarus" - holding subsidiaries which operate in 17 cities of Russia and Ukraine.

For 22 years of work in the market "1S-Rarus" customers have become more 100 000 Russian and CIS companies, and divisions of the largest global companies. Experts "1S-Rarus" developed over 90 17 standard solutions for business sectors.

"1S-Rarus" - the leading "1S" company partner, the Microsoft Certified Partner, Google, Gold Partner and Beeline 1S-Bitrix, a member of the Non-Commercial Partnership Association software vendors (NP PPP).

In the group of companies "1S-Rarus" employs more than 2 700 employees, most of them are certified by "1S". Management System "1S-Rarus" corresponds to the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2008.

The site of the group of companies:

For more information please contact the PR team to Elizabeth Mozzhukhin tel .: + 7 (495) 223-04-04, 231-20-02.

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